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In its third generation in the metalwork sector, the company was founded in the 1930s when Antonio Valsecchi worked as a blacksmith at his home in Calolziocorte. His son Gianfranco soon learnt the trade and, exploiting the economic boom in the 1960s, purchased some land and built the company´s first warehouse, switching from artisan-craft to industrial production. This marked the changeover from craftsman level small metalwork production to the construction of heavy-duty metalwork.


Our company has multiple-year experience in the sheet metal cutting industry, using automatic CNC pantographs, and is able to cut steel metal sheets from 8 mm to 600 mm thick. The sheet metal is purchased from both dealers and directly from the most accredited steelworks in Italy and abroad. This direct relationship with the steelworks means we can purchase sheets in different formats compared to the standard sizes generally found on the market; these customised products allow us to optimise our cutting procedures, reduce processing waste and achieve a highly competitive final price.

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